The world is changing and changing fast… Seemingly these transformations are coming as drastic changes but whether they are bad or good depends on how we perceive them. At this point they are like the morning clouds or a light morning fog and the weather forecast is not clear. It feels though that they will thicken and may become dark nasty clouds.

Through a last couple of hundred years we felt like we were in charge of where we are going. Technology was marching ahead, we thought that we’ve curbed Nature and we were changing the world to our liking. All of a sudden the direction has changed to the opposite – from the world to us. The world started changing by itself and not according to our wishes.

The climate changes the way that natural disasters have become a daily reality,  the social institutions humanity was designing and implementing for hundreds of years are malfunctioning, the list goes on and on… We’ve been building the economic system for thousands of years and today it refuses to work as well.

It reminds me my first car back in Russia with a funny name “Zhaporozhetz.” It could drive but while I was driving something was always breaking, either a gear box so I could use only one gear or ventilation system or steering got bad or headlights or something else… Actually it was showing me that though the engine is still working the auxiliary systems are out of control and the car is in crisis. Something has to be done to fix the situation and I had to buy a new car before the old one broke down completely since it had no life left in it.

Now about 30 years later I have a similar feeling looking around and trying to understand what is going on a grange scale with our world. Many auxiliary systems have been failing for some time and we called it crisis. But the major system is our economy and it looks like it shows us that the engine may soon die as well.

Economy is everything to us and even a remote thought of it really crashing draws goose bumps all over. If we look deep inside nothing is more important than food and shelter and if it’s threatened that’s a major crisis!

But we used to thinking that nothing is new in this world. We’ve had crises before and they were gone sooner or later and we continued conquering the world. But this time something feels different. This crisis is revealing a new force we have never experienced before – GLOBALIZATION! This crisis is not going on in one or two separate locations; it covers the entire planet and permeates into all spheres of our lives. This force feels like an unfamiliar power and no authority seems to have any grasp on it.

It’s no secret that we all are born egoists and all the systems we have built reflected our nature. I never wanted to be connected with others; I just wanted to limit my connection to give and take, a simple exchange my ego accepts and enjoys. As a result we built an economic system that reflects our nature and now we got into the state that we can’t figure out what’s going on. We suddenly found out that what we thought was the perfectly tuned machine is now about to crash completely. The laws of our nature are not working any longer and we are been drawn into a new interconnected and interdependent reality.

It seems to me that as humanity we have just finished our adolescent period and entered in a new chapter of our development – a chapter of the interconnected, interdependent and INTEGRAL world!