I am curious what was the reaction of quite a few Nobel laureates in economics when Professor Stiglitz attacked the models the macro – economic led, he says, the crisis of 2008: “Three years ago, in August 2008, we are here Lindau and it’s amazing he was not even one hearing prior to the crisis giant came less than a month later. How a bunch of leading economists who were supposed to think about the major problems in the global economy have missed the biggest economic crisis in 75 years? “

According to Stiglitz, “There is a great crisis not only in economics, but also in science economy. Models the macro – economic used by central banks have created methods and thinking at the center of the crisis – especially in the process of deregulation and the claim that monetary policy only worry about low inflation, it will be enough to keep steady growth. Looking back, these ideas seem almost absurd.”

Our economy reflects our ego-centric nature. We have created this science approximating our experiences and it’s been developing as our appetite grows. Today it seems that our egoism has reached its peak and plateaued into a brand new integral global system that has the exact opposite properties in its root. These properties belong to the closed integral systems where all the parts are working for the benefit of the system.

It is a very new notion for us and the old instruments can hardy do any good describing the new system. This is exactly what the crisis is all about, it’s a crisis of our outdated thinking. To survive we need to understand the new upcoming integral system and to create a new set of relationships between us and societies, between companies and inside the companies… the list goes on and on.