We live in a closed system called Nature that actually has been in existence for billions of years. Humanity as we know it exists a few thousand years and still hasn’t learned the laws of its environment.

We should learn fairly simple things, like the efficient way to use natural and human resources, the amount of resources we need to spend, energy, etc. The ultimate goal is achieving harmony with Nature, like animal kingdom but on a human level.

If we give it a thought we’d see that we are no different from animals in our regular lives. So why should we take from nature more than we need? Any animal builds a shelter for itself, stores food, procreates instinctively, raises its offspring, kills other creatures and eats them—but never in excess of its needs.

We have already learned an immense wealth of wisdom from Nature. Just take the Laws of Thermodynamics that demonstrate very ordered rules of energy interactions, which the entire universe must obey. In the industrial world we’ve derived huge benefits of learning the three laws of thermodynamics but failed to do it on our own human level. We explored every corner of our planet, we travel around the world and truly enjoy the wonders of nature but for whatever reason a thought of being a part of nature seems foreign to us.

Whether we want it or not everything must function only in harmony with nature. Nature has done its best of showing us what harmony is and is calling upon us to join in. It wants a partner, a partner that will consciously achieve this harmony, opposite to flora and fauna where harmony is embedded and sustained instinctively. We must create harmony ourselves.