• The universe as a system of planets develops in an orderly fashion that provides a dynamic, equalized state of all its elements on different levels, from micro- to macrocosm. That provides sustainability required for the entire system. Our planet Earth is one of the elements of the system and the product of its development is what we call Nature and a human being, a being that possesses conscience.  The planet must provide a very specific environment to sustain the existence of its product. Changes or destruction of this environment may lead to annihilation of the planet’s product – the human race.
  • The modern-day fetish of consumerism triggered an unreasonable consumption that led to separation of the human being from the integral system of nature. As a result, our planet Earth turned into a symbiosis of natural and artificial habitat where a human being estranged from nature has become a dominating factor. This dominating factor may have crossed or on the verge of crossing the point of no return to sustainability. This has become a new property of globalization and a reason of global instability.
  • The world has changed and old economy thinking is inapplicable to the present state of global economy. In order to change our consumer-driven civilization a shift in social values has to occur. This will require a true integral approach that will give explanation to all the developments and will draw a clear path to integration with the laws of nature and to sustainable living.
  • It seems naïve that the global integral civilization will stem from the world of consumerism. The world is ruled by corporations that are much more powerful than governments. The notion of democracy has become obsolete and is only used by media to sustain the existing order of things.
  • Physical boundaries are losing their function, most of the processes are happening in the field of information, financing, international trade, etc. that result in interconnection and interdependence. In this respect most of the countries do not really control their sovereign territories. Sovereign institutions are being replaced by international institutions.
  • The main task of the modern science should be exploration and building of the holistic integral picture of the universe and its application on the social and economic level for the new global world. A new unified and long term blueprints for the new integral economy should be drawn and adopted by all nations.

“You may say I’m a dreamer…” :), John Lennon