We live in the world of a vast complexity and if we looked at it from the Nature’s point of view we’d see that every element of the universe is tightly connected and dependent on the other elements. All of these elements together comprise an integral closed system. Many of great thinkers of the past intuitively came to this conclusion and shared their discoveries but this vision hasn’t really gotten mainstream adoption.

So we generally saw the world as a set of elements loosely connected to each other and not necessarily dependent on each other. A good example of it could be our medical establishment that has achieved enormous success in studying various elements of the human body but still has no real clue of how the entire body functions and respectively how to bring the body back in balance. The same principle applies to any sphere of human activities, certainly including any business and organizational areas.

We are discovering now that we interdependent as never before on our little planet. The famous Plateau’s saying “as in macrocosm so is in microcosm” has now started making sense in various spheres of our lives. While the perception of reality as separate elements divided into discrete topics is still the predominant paradigm, the new, integral thinking of relating to the world or to the industry or to any organization as an interconnected closed system begins to gain momentum.