A new integral perception of reality is based on interconnectedness and interdependence of all phenomena – social, physical, biological and cultural. This perception transcends contemporary boundaries and will lead to creation of new social and scientific institutions.

Systemic approach looks at any event in terms of connectedness and dependencies. A system is an integral whole and Nature provides us with endless examples starting from the still (inanimate) to the animal level of Nature, from the tiny bacteria to the human being. Moreover, the same aspects are revealed in the social structures like hives, ant colonies or human societies. All of these are ecosystems that consist of a multitude of interconnected entities of different origin. It is important to realize that though we are able to decipher separate parts in any system, the nature of the whole always differs from the sum of its parts. The integral approach seems the only way for us internalize the laws of nature and applying them to all aspects of our business structures and processes should take the organization to a different level of coherence with nature and therefore bring maximum efficiency.