In the past few thousand years humanity has accomplished an inconceivable leap from being an integral part of Nature to becoming a foreign part of it. From the evolutionary perspective more and more complex forms of life have evolved culminating in the human consciousness that has become capable of differentiation and integration. Somehow neglecting integration and utilizing mostly differentiation we have developed a comprehension that we as species are separate from other forms of life. We also have developed a conviction that as individuals we are separate from one another. Our ingenious mind came up with abstraction and analysis that allowed us to separate objects from processes, break them down into multiple parts and assign them numerous additional attributes such as physical or chemical properties and others. This differentiation has enabled us to achieve an unprecedented progress in science and technology but at the same time separated us from Nature and even put our environment in danger.

There is no doubt that the Nature is integral and we as humanity have gone too far with differentiation as the sole instrument of progress. The task of today is to recognize this under-developed instrument of our consciousness. Exactly as we have learned to separate ourselves from each other and from Nature, we now need to learn how to reconnect ourselves with each other and the environment around us while preserving our hard-earned uniqueness.

The key instrument becomes integrality – recognition that the entire universe is a closed system governed by common laws and that it is detrimental to impose our ego-centric aspirations on nature without taking these laws into account. We ought to acknowledge the limitations of human will and accept being a part of a grander system rather than being a ruler of the universe. Once we step on this path we will feel the relief of the exile, a feeling of finally coming home.