I stumbled upon Dev Patnaik’s posting Why Can’t Big Companies Solve Big Problems? and it prompted me to continue my Challenge of the Complex Collaboration in the Modern Enterprise essay.

Dev notes that “one major part of the problem is their [Big companies] lack of empathy for the world around them,” and states that “Large companies are good at managing complexity, but they’re bad at tackling ambiguity.” Then he argues that the answer lies in hybrid thinking that is bringing multidisciplinary people together…

Personally I like this direction. However I would like to extend it much further. To see through these times of great ambiguity we have to wear different glasses, the glasses of compassion, genuine empathy and most importantly the understanding that we are closely interconnected. With these glasses we will acquire a new, integral vision. We will realize that we are the integral parts of one system, whether it’s a company, a department or a team and that we actually complement one another.  Our previous ego-centric vision will be gradually replaced with a new vision and ambiguity will fade away.

And as Dev put, “We may all praise Leonardo Da Vinci, but we manage the world like we’re Henry Ford. And the world has changed a lot since the first Model-T rolled off the line. Isn’t it time that our thinking changed, too?”