When people are gathered into one entity they form a collective or a group. This group could be a team, a department, a company, etc. The group has a special quality – an integration of its members’ individual characteristics. It’s a totally new quality, as none of the individuals have this integration component within them. This quality is called a common or integral field.

This integral field is created automatically by the virtue of gathering people together for a certain purpose but the actual effectiveness of it firmly depends on the people’s ability to tap into it.

Each member of the group must actively partake in tapping into the integral field in order to exist in it and make it fully effective. Once everyone in the group is in tune with this field all group members are connected to one common source to the fullest extent and the group begins to function as one cohesive unit. Furthermore, as a result of one’s contribution to this integral field, to a common desire or aspiration each person begins to sense harmony and a new level of awareness.

Awareness through integration is completely opposite to the self-centered, individual perception. A person who has it feels and perceives the world in a slightly different way.

As a person becomes interconnected with others through this integral field he feels the entire group within him and experiences the common unity. This occurs completely naturally, as a result of merging his colleagues’ diverse qualities within him. Together, they form one common aspiration that becomes a platform upon which everyone acquires a new integral vision. This new vision enables the group to sustainably perform at the peak of its potential thus achieving maximum efficiency while keeping its members in unison and harmony.