Yesterday I started a discussion on the Linkedin TED group regarding the next degree of our consciousness and I was blown away with one of the comments made by my friend Lio answering someone’s concern about losing our uniqueness if we become more connected.

Here is what he said,

“…being one, being connected, doesn’t diminish one’s individuality, on the contrary, it augments it and makes one more unique. Back when we were amoebas, our cells had pretty much the same structure and same function. But as creatures evolved and more and more cells came together and united to form more complex organs and organisms we started seeing specialization. We began to see that the WAY IN WHICH EACH CELL CONNECTS to the whole became more and more unique. We started seeing muscle cells, blood cells, nerve cells, germ-fighting cells, etc. That expression of our uniqueness is infinitely more varied and more personal than any external expression we can think of. Being one implies connection in order to reveal a higher consciousness that doesn’t exist in any of the single components but is only revealed in the connection between them but is felt by all of them. Just like each cell of our body is nothing but a small bag of protein but the unique connection between them produces the vessel for a human consciousness. Imagine the possibilities if we work to apply this principle in every area of our life!”