Just finished reading the latest book by Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams “Macrowikinomics: New Solutions for a Connected Planet” – a wonderful and essential book for our challenging time. The book powerfully portrays the cusp we are experiencing now and eloquently defines six ground rules for our reinvention:

  1. Don’t just create. Curate content for people to self-organize.
  2. Rethink the commons.
  3. Let go.
  4. Find and strengthen the vanguard.
  5. Create a culture of collaboration.
  6. Empower the Net generation.

I would humbly add one more rule to this list. I feel that one of the fundamental rules is missing.

Everything we do is defined by our relationships. Our ego-centric nature defines our economy, culture, social interactions, etc. – basically our entire existence. Simultaneously, our new interdependent world, as the authors distinctly portrayed, contradicts the very essence of our ego-centric nature. We will actually have to fight ourselves in order to follow the six rules.

The new world, which we are entering into, evidently requires new thinking, the thinking of being an integral part of the whole. In an ideal world it is supposed to be done by our education system, but it’s no secret that this system is miserably failing. Within the current education systems, the perception of reality as separate elements combined into disconnected areas is still the predominant paradigm. The notion of integrality or system approach is virtually non-existent.  All what our educational institutions produce are human machines with a narrow specialization at best.

We must introduce a new science that I would call Integral Education – a science of being a part of Nature, a part of a system. This science will guide people into an integrated perception of reality, aligning them with today’s integrated reality. Once the alignment occurs to a minimal degree people will start relating to each other in a different way – the way of care and responsibility. Then the six rules implementation would occur almost naturally and with ease.

Hence, my humble addition is:

        7. Integral Education

Doesn’t it make a magic number? :)