Last week I went to the HR Alliance gathering in Manhattan where I chatted with a few executives about workplace quality and what’s new in workplace improvement technology. We concurred that more senior executives are beginning to recognize that productivity and harmonious, positive environment have a direct correlation. The irony is that when you discuss the importance of a positive environment in the workplace, everyone agrees wholeheartedly but more often than not it falls through the cracks when it comes to actual implementation.

There is also a direct connection between a strong, passionate leadership and the quality of the workplace. People like to follow strong, courageous leaders with a well-defined and articulated vision. People unite around the leader, they feel safe under that person’s leadership and this builds one of the essential pillars for the harmonious environment.

I recently stumbled upon a great article from the Inc. Magazine, 6 Roadblocks to an Exceptional Workplace by Nancy Mobley. She artfully highlighted 6 common pitfalls that a leader has to pay close attention to in order to succeed. It led me to thinking of how simple it would be for any leader if he or she would start with implementing and supporting the Integral Thinking technology at their workplace.

Definitely, with the first two, “no strategic hiring plan,” and “small thinking” you have no leader at all – these are pre-requisite skills. The leader must have a vision and a plan to implement it.

The other four, “undervaluing employees,” “lack of communication,” “worklife imbalance” and “no accountability” come from the lack of connection between the people and the leader and between the coworkers themselves. Numerous studies proved that connection between people is a foundation of a great team and as a leader you are only as good as your team.

The beauty of the Integral Thinking technology is that it organically connects people and unites them around the goal. This unification miraculously removes these four “roadblocks.” There are no more or less valuable employees and everyone feels responsible for the outcome.  The workplace is in harmony and balance, people feel each other and the communication flow is seamless. There is no more separation between work and life – picture perfect!

Exceptional workplaces require exceptional leaders, everything starts from the top. If you are a leader and would like to form the best team, don’t hesitate and start building the integral environment.