Fostering Organizational Culture and Teams Engagement

The world has changed and old economy thinking is inapplicable to the present state of global economy. As companies have to deal with the demands of vast complexity — whether adapting to rapidly changing external and internal conditions,  managing financial and environmental risk, re-engineering work units , navigating new markets, implementing new technologies, or answering the challenge of growing diversity and globalization — many begin recognizing value of a responsive, energized, integral culture.

Integral Thinking Group’s mission is to help organizations in adjusting their culture to meet the challenges of the new state of economy. The foundation of Integral Thinking is based on the latest scientific research in Ontology, Organizational Psychology, Evolutionary Theory, and Anthropology. Integral Thinking defines fundamental laws of nature and applies them to fostering a resilient and agile culture that is perfectly fit to strive in a fast-moving economy. Moreover, it transforms the workplace into a positive, balanced environment to work in for both, employees and managers.

Through the paradigm of nature, Integral Thinking provides a powerful insight into how today’s leaders can build and run their teams and companies more efficiently and effectively. The integral approach allows managers and employees to internalize the laws of nature and apply them to all aspects of their business structures and processes thus creating an organization coherent with nature and performing with maximum efficiency.

Integral Thinking seminars and workshops guide people through a series of entertaining exercises, presentations, games and interactions that result in forming a common bond within an organization, department or a team. This occurs completely naturally, as a result of merging each group members’ individual diverse qualities. This common field keeps the group in unison and the group performs at its best while having fun and enjoying harmony.

Onsite Training Seminars and Workshops:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Building
  • Boards & Conferences
  • Inspirational Meetings
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Project Planning
  • Process Improvement
  • Community Engagement

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