This is a guest post provided by Good Vibe Agency

There is an urgent need to educate the public about what is happening in the world by promoting new types of content.

From this point forward nothing will ever be the same. Economic development is not possible without providing a new education along with it. Government bodies and corporations cannot continue to do all the things they did yesterday and expect everything to go back to normal. It won’t. This is because we are in a transition from the old era to the new, and need to adjust ourselves. Market leaders have a very special role in this process and that is to allow Davos-like messages about the new reality to trickle down to the masses.

What people really need is information about how to turn this escalating and multi-faceted crisis around. How to get everything back in balance. At a time when the masses are influencing major processes in new ways, any initiative that is geared toward genuinely benefiting the greater good will gain massive support from the public.

Technology plays a key role in this process because its real purpose in our lives is to enhance human relations. This is more critical today than ever before because how we treat one another is the very root of this crisis.

The future is much brighter that we can see through our limited perspective of the crisis. All the hidden potential of the new global reality still needs to be verified.  It is our collective responsibility to take on this task. One thing is very clear at this stage: the path we have been on and where we are today are simply impossible for achieving a sustainable future. We have nothing of value to pass on to the next generation.

Changes in salaries, the system or leadership will not stop the wave sweeping throughout the world.  Now more than ever, it is up to the market leaders to guide the masses to a higher ground.

Good Vibe Agency