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Leveraging all means of communication available to us properly will allow us to access the second part of nature’s program for us.

There is nothing more basic, fundamental or significant in our lives than communications. Our entire life is based on connections whether it’s our family, friends and acquaintances, and all of reality that is made up of all kinds of complex relations between individuals, organizations and countries.  All these connections are expressed at many different levels through communications.

In this new global stage we find ourselves in, we can take a fresh look at communications and discover a window to a new life that will be infinitely more pleasant and fulfilling than this destructive path we are on at the moment.

We know that when we have good connections with others we are content, and when we do not have good connections with others we feel pain and suffering. So what is the significance of communicating? Communications is actually the formula of life. If we truly understood this concept we would be able to enhance communications between us in a very profound manner.

Communication always comes in various forms between two opposite forces. If we did not have humans, animals, and plants divided into various segments there would be no need for communication in our world. To the extent that the elements are more opposite and even more connected, it is against this very paradox where life is created. This is the secret to life: the greater the opposition between two forces, the greater the potential of both minus and plus forces to give room to additional communication between them, which contains enough power to give birth to a new level of life.

The types of connections we have nowadays are basically egoistic where we only calculate our relations based on what we need outside of ourselves. This is a natural system that operates on all humans in the same manner. So the basis of all communication in our world is about us connecting with others to fill ourselves. We see what’s happening around us from our own perspective and it is all egoistic – the way we connect in the family and everywhere is all simply based on whether it’s worth it for us. Nature created two opposite forces that began with the Big Bang. All our development from that point was only in the multiplication of parts and elements in these two opposing forces of give and take, and the extent of the connection between them.

We see every day how everything is going according to nature’s plan with greater integration at all levels. We explore our planet and see to what extent the nations, the atmosphere, heat in the ground, volcanoes and hurricanes, and streams in the oceans are all on a predefined path. All this is a single ecologic system which is entirely made up of two opposing forces and this is what keeps it going: heat and cooling, pressure and vacuum, etc. Contrary to what we may think nature is not only drawn to balancing itself out but rather toward the creation of life, and this is the problem with our superficial world.

We mistakenly think that when everything is calm and there is no movement it is as if we are dead. Nature created us in such a way that movement only comes to acquire something that we are missing.  If everything was in balance then nothing would move at all. The definition of life in nature is balance, but balance between two opposing forces that are both opposite and connected at the same time. The balance is formed in creating the maximum types of connections between the two elements. Just like two particles create within themselves all types of complicated systems and develop with infinite movement between them. This is why people can predict exactly what will happen at a certain time. Because the program is there and can be read at any level: individual, collective and global. This program develops us on the inside. It appears to us that we can decide this or that but it is actually the program inside us carrying out what it is programmed to do. Research shows that before we even think of doing something that part of the brain is active and we already have full view of the situation inside us. But until it reaches the part that comprehends and implements the command it takes time. So we are actually like machines with programs running us on the inside. This is how all creatures advance and the connection between them is the regular life we have here on earth.

However today we are in a new stage because that same program that advanced us to connect, and showed us how beneficial it is, suddenly stopped working. This happened at the level where we comprehend things and suddenly we realize that the world can go on by itself and it’s not us operating anything. The more we advance the more we discover what a global connected system we belong to, where we have little control over the development of events. And suddenly we feel ourselves in crisis and this is mainly expressed in our finances. If in the past we had a fair arrangement of give and take according to our capabilities based on many different types of connections and calculations, those systems that run everything in our lives are beginning to fall apart and this is actually a communication crisis between us humans. Our problems all come down to the communication system which stopped working as it had for the hundreds of thousands of years of our development. This is a very dangerous situation. We must have a connection between us otherwise we feel all alone and this is worse than death. So the fact that this program is disappearing and leaving us hanging out to dry in our relationships, international treaties, technology partnerships, etc. – no ties can survive because we have inner communication systems that we no longer understand. So how can we plan our lives for tomorrow? Our entire life is about how we communicate with each other. Nowadays we can be in touch with thousands of people throughout the day but without genuinely communicating with anyone.

Nature is demanding that we discover a complimentary communication system to the one we have now. Until now we developed based on personal interests and now we must shift to being concerned for others just as we are concerned for ourselves. We have to move from one sided relations where we just want to take advantage of everyone around us to two-sided mutual relations. Here we will take the other’s needs into account and calculate for two people regardless of what that other person is doing. We take on others’ needs as if they are our own and then we are in perfect communication. We need to figure out for ourselves how to make this transition from one-sided relations to two-sided considerations. We must do this on our own in order to know how to navigate this new system. No one can do it for us.

There is light at the end of the tunnel though. This challenging process will allow us to access the second part of nature’s program for us. The goal is to teach us to rise above our egos and create this new thing together, which is actually our new life that awaits us.

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