This video summarizes 2013 Edelman’s Trust Barometer report really well. It’s about 3 minutes long and filled with a lot of really fascinating findings.

Two points that truly got my attention:

  1. Corporate culture and leadership are named as the major cause of corporate misconduct – I couldn’t agree more.
  2. Globally, CEOs have less than a 50% approval rating. Only 18% of people trust their business leaders, and if we go to politics only 13% of people trust their political leaders – These are appalling numbers.

A startling discovery, isn’t it? It becomes clear that trust in our leaders is eroding in every aspect of our lives and it’s eroding globally. If this doesn’t sound alarming I don’t know what else we are waiting for.

One thing is refreshing though – the Edelman’s Diamond of Influence. Edelman analysts concluded that there is a crisis of leadership and in order to build trust, leaders must embrace a new model of engagement, which they named the Diamond of Influence.  The Diamond of Influence is a combination of the traditional pyramid of authority and the new pyramid of community, thus combining ‘top-down’ communications with ‘up-and-out’ communications and peer-to-peer dialogue.


I command Edelman for this, since they are the first serious player in the management research realm to come close to an integrative approach that we all desperately need.