happyEarlier this week I had a chance to be a part of the first gathering of a new meetup in NYC called “The People Side” that is focused on the people side of startups – Very much needed undertaking and I support it wholeheartedly.

This meetup presented “Going Against the Grain” with SumAll CEO, Dane Atkinson.  SumAll, a forward-thinking and socially conscious company is constantly doing things differently, especially on the people side. Dane shared with us how they came up with and implemented unorthodox strategies like full transparency and shared decision making, open salaries and open cap tables, teams without bosses, original hiring practices and many more.

These strategies paid off handsomely – the company is extremely efficient and growing, the morale is at its peak, employees as well as founders are very happy. It didn’t come easy though, Dane told us that it’s been very different, he has to spend a lot of his time explaining things to people and motivating them.

It was a fascinating evening and I’d like to share with you this recording. The video is quite long, about 40 min but it’s worth watching.