happy employees bonding

Regardless of the industry, every leader knows that an enterprise will run smoother and be more productive if there is an environment of togetherness and balance in the workplace. A workplace that manages to create such an environment fosters cooperation, encourages achievement throughout the entire organization and leads to overall success. Here are seven basic ways for the leader to help create this environment:

Be Humble and Personal

Many mistake humility for weakness not realizing that actually humility gives a leader the ability to lead out of a position of power. As a choice, humility presents an extraordinary gesture of inner strength and leads to perceiving others as intrinsically valuable. As Lao Tzu said, “A leader is best when people barely know he exists. When his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.”

Resolve All Issues at the Roundtable

All issues should be resolved together. You need to sit down with your people, create a feeling of equality and make sure that people feel that their opinions really matter. This will develop a common vision with an inner feeling of its ownership and will create real coherence in the team.

Foster Cooperation

An imperative part of bonding is loyalty to the team, as well as to each other. This in its turn leads to a genuine care about both, each other and the job. Once unity is built you won’t need to move people around to take care of the emerged problems – people will step in by themselves because they care about each other, Encourage this development with group activities, once people achieve something collectively, they develop trust among themselves and strengthen relationships.

Open Communication and Transparency  

Another imperative part of bonding is communication. Bonding is a function of relationships and any successful relationship is based on communication. Practices and processes at companies are not always known to people. The more people understand why and how things are done, the more they trust the management and each other. All the company’s internals (compensation and hiring practices, performance management criteria, projects statuses and etc.) must be transparent and consistent. Open communication cannot be optional – it must be weaved into the fabric of the company.

Recognize People’s Achievements

Everyone wants to be acknowledged. And for companies, where people and teams are striving to work as a one coherent unit, recognizing achievements and high performance goes a long way to building loyalty. This recognition could be both, tangible and intangible. As everything you do in the workplace, the presentation should be done within a friendly group meeting, crafted to elicit the more intangible senses of honor and duty.

Convey Appreciation

There is no better way to motivate people then showing how much you appreciate them. Appreciation is not complicated or expensive, but letting people know that you appreciate their contribution and you’re thrilled with their performance goes a long way in creating a happy and harmonious workforce.

Celebrate Events Together

There are always numerous events in a group, such as anniversaries, welcoming new hires, company’s picnics, birthdays, the list can go on and on… Celebrate these occasions together, create different occasions. Celebration is a wonderful bonding and motivational tool but don’t forget that it works only if it is used regularly and for all employees.