This is a guest post provided by Good Vibe Agency

If you head on over to Shaw Communications in Canada you will see that they have an incredible Together is Amazing campaign for filling food banks. The TV spot by BBDO Toronto ends with the sentence – Imagine what we can do together. One of the sentences on their site is: The more you get together the happier you’ll be. This is really the message of the future that all companies should aspire to project in some way to the masses. That together we are simply better humans and the world is a better place. If we are all only focused on our own egoistic desires, none of us will be able to get anywhere.

Another company with an amazing brand is Love’s in Oklahoma. Just the name in itself is enough to inspire you but we actually discovered Forbes’ 7th largest private company when they donated $3 Million to disaster relief after the tornadoes hit that region. So we dug a bit deeper and discovered that this business was started by Tom & Judy Love with $5000 and is run today by their children.  You can tell that Love’s corporate culture is quite far from standard with loyal employees enjoying profit sharing and really feeling like part of a big family.  Though Love’s Travel Shops cater mainly to truckers on the road, it would be nice to see this values-driven brand continue to grow and prosper. What an incredible example of how a company should treat its employees.

We love the McCain Food messages on the site so much we will list them all here: McCain – it’s all good. Our Goal – making people smile. Good Business. Good People. From our participation in our communities to our respect for the Earth and more, we are Good People doing Good Things. Good Food. At the heart of our good food and integral to our good business are our people. And it goes on to mention Good Growing. Good Ingredients.  McCain has one of the most inspirational sites in the world, but unfortunately its commercials don’t convey the same good vibes.

You know how they say a brand should tell a story? Well with Cantor Fitzgerald it’s a movie. Since they occupied the top floors of the World Trade Center, on September 11th they lost no less than 658 of their young and talented employees. It’s taken Cantor’s CEO Howard Lutnick over a decade to prove he would make good on his promise to do everything he could for the families of his employees and actually distributed $180 Million over the years. The money part may have been the easier part though. In addition to losing his own brother in the disaster, the survivors have participated in hundreds of funerals and memorials. His daily schedule in those days included hours of condolence calls with family members when he himself was grieving as well. In the midst of all this tragedy they rebuilt the company to be greater than ever before. Living proof that doing the right thing pays off in a big way.  It won’t bring the people they lost back, but at least their families were taken care of. What they did after Sandy was quite unbelievable. They gave out prepaid credit cards with $1000 to each family. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? It’s the way they went about it in such a sensitive way, and really putting a lot of time and effort in. You don’t see things like this every day. Watch the clip to see for yourself.

Please feel free to tell us about other brands that are inspiring and holding us all to a higher standard.

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