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Nothing much has changed in how we relate to one another over the last 2000 years. We advanced throughout history in a simple manner, calculating everything according to our own personal benefit. Things were quite straightforward with our relations being based on simple contracts of give and take.

All that is changing now because we have entered a stage where we are no longer connected by these simple egoistic calculations at all levels of society.  Even leading economists say that what is happening today is completely off the charts. This is no longer just about the economy but is rather impacting all areas of our life including the family. A family is also based on a contract, established as a sort of business between two partners and is actually the most important contract in our lives. However due to the challenging nature of relations between all humans at the moment we can no longer maintain marriages. The same goes for other systems we depend on: educational and cultural institutions, and the workplace.

Something has shifted inside us that is really influencing our relations with others. Since we are still stuck in the previous stage we have not yet developed the right analytical mindset to connect all the dots and deal properly with the new situation.  If we did have this new schema inside us could we would know how to arrange the family in a new way and not see it dissolve after a few years. Can we even put a price on how much the high rate of divorce is costing us?

We are going about our business as usual and trying to recover from nature’s blows that are costing us billions of dollars. The question is whether it is possible to bring some new regularity and plan for the future in a better way based on our experience? Since we built our environment according to the previous egoistic system, there may be a need to build everything in society from scratch. However if we become more aware of this transition to a new social stage of our development, perhaps we can simply adjust current structures we have in place to suit the next phase of our evolution.

Instead of simply reacting to nature whenever disaster strikes we can try to learn more about this harmonious system and suit our lives to it. For example, what laws can we take from nature and implement in the economic system?  We need to look at what’s happening with nature, how it influences us and how we influence it. If we look at our planet today with all the floods and storms, we need to come to terms with the fact that our current state of maximizing personal benefit is systematically destroying our world.

Now that our world has become round if a person is causing harm to the system, they are actually causing harm to themselves. So the first law is that whatever harm we cause to the general system, it comes back to us in a very precise manner but not in a way that we necessarily understand.

The second law is that everyone is connected and responsible for one another. Though we are not used to this system at all it is suddenly tying us tightly together through all these disasters.  Since we are all connected if we cause damage to our fellowman it comes back to us through other people.  If we cause damage through our companies, it could come back to us as extreme weather. Clearly it doesn’t come back from the same place we caused damage but in general from the system. So for example if we burn a forest it can come back to us as trouble in our family. Two seemingly unconnected events but if you know the laws of nature, you can see the connection. If we do not have that same integral perspective of the system then we cannot understand the connection. So until we completely identify with this new system in a manner that it truly exists inside us and defines everything we do, we won’t know how to behave in life.

The world has changed. We have entered a stage where we are running out of options. In this system where we are responsible for one another it’s as if we are contractually obligated to one another even though we didn’t actually consent to this situation.  We do something on one side of the world that affects others in a negative manner. Suddenly we have hurricanes in one place, riots in another, fires and heat waves in America, floods in Europe, yet do not understand the connections between these things. So first we need to understand that we won’t grasp the connection until we become round enough inside in a manner that allows us to truly connect with others. We need to be able to build inside ourselves a replica of what is happening outside us otherwise we will not be able to find the correct formula of life.

As the most developed element in nature, when we change it will affect all other levels in nature.  We are the highest point in nature so once we upgrade our connections everything else will arrange itself.

What model can we take from nature and implement in humans? Economists believe in allowing the human ego to do as it will and things will balance themselves out. Why? We built an egoistic system where each person succeeds according to their abilities and status in life. Somehow that system worked for thousands of years with the help of “a hidden hand” as the experts like to call it.

The hidden hand economists speak about exists in nature. Why is it hidden? Because we don’t see it.  Until the 20th century we developed in a linear manner with our ego constantly growing.  Once it began to grow in a round manner then the connection between us went from being simply prospering from each other to something else. We find ourselves in unchartered waters and don’t know what to do. It’s as if we have entered a new phase of our history where we must now determine our fate ourselves. We have to understand this natural progress in our evolution that we are going through. We have to use all our power to enable humanity to receive the same form as the framework we have entered. And it is up to us to do this.  In the past we allowed everyone to use their nature as they wanted or needed. But now we need to start saying; before you use your nature remember that you are connected to everyone on earth.  Then you will use it properly. This is the adjustment we all have to make inside and it is easier said than done.

Here is the bottom line. We mustn’t think of nature as some god with its laws operating on us. Whether we like it or not, we are part of nature and our greatest problem is that we actually believe that we are above nature and can do whatever we please. Yet now we are seeing the negative feedback from nature. Now we see that it’s not worth being above nature and that we will just lose out and continue to receive blows in the long run. It would be much smarter to see ourselves as part of nature, and calculate our entire life in that manner. The more we try to be in balance and harmony with nature, the more sustainable our life will be.

Since we are not learning from nature how to behave it is no wonder that we are in a crisis. The current state is really no one’s fault. People are still in the previous mode of behavior and must go through a genuine transition inside which we never experienced before in human history. We need to become similar to nature by feeling this entire body of laws, this entire universe inside us.

We cannot ignore the fact that there is a constant law advancing us from stage to stage, and generation to generation.  Nature always advanced us in our evolution, acting as a hidden hand in our progress, giving every generation an additional layer of knowledge for upgrading life. But this time it’s different. This time we have to reveal the new layer on our own. But first we need to realize that we need it.
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