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We have just launched an Indiegogo campaign for the Y55 Happiness Trainer, and the response has been overwhelming. Check out the comments here.  This is a mobile app that will bring about a positive shift of consciousness that the world really needs right now.  Y55 is in honor of the 55 million happiness related searches every month, and just spreading the news of the launch is creating a wave of happiness in the world.

How to be happy? Meet the Y55 Happiness Trainer from Y55 Happiness Trainer on Vimeo.   Branding Design & Film Production credit goes to Ilan Golan, a motion graphics artist.

There is a whole new breed of young entrepreneurs out there who are slightly less focused on technology, and a lot more focused on what people really need right now. This project is the brainchild of Happiness Entrepreneurs Eran Shayovich and Michael Miler, who have dedicated the last decade to producing international conferences, creating workshops, multimedia, television programs and books with a single goal in mind – helping people live a happier life.  They are a team of highly engaging speakers who got tired of seeing the frustration and unnecessary pain people go through, all because of a lack of knowledge or the inability to apply all that knowledge into day to day actions.  Now together with the help of friends, family and a supportive community (that’s you!) they are going to reach millions of people, touch their lives and help them change for the better.

This a whole new breed of startups/initiatives we should be paying special attention to because they are tapping into some simple things that have been overlooked.  The Kindness Revolution are two great examples but there are many more. And this is the future people. Look for ventures that move you, that make you feel alive again, that remind us that we are humans who need warmth and love from our fellow human beings!

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