“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

– Albert Einstein

connerySo, in order to resolve a problem in our world we need to advance to another level of consciousness. What characterizes this other level? We’ve heard numerous answers to this question, from the capacity to turn negative thinking habits into positive ones, to the ability to transition between different types of intelligence, for example moving from a logical way of thinking to an emotional or kinesthetic approach. But are we really able to change people? True, we can empower people with knowledge and we can even advance their minds with the help of educational and psychological techniques. But can we change people’s character, qualities, way of thinking, and intellectual potential? Scientists are coming to the conclusion that we cannot. They claim that these elements are largely determined by nature and shaped in our childhood. At least for now, we are unable to truly influence our own nature and genetics. What we can do, however, to influence people’s development, is place them into the correct environment. But where can we find this correct environment? We’ve explored thousands of different groups and societies, from university campuses to local communities, without being certain that any of these environments are ‘correct.’ None of them would support a proper and thoughtful means of development or absolve people of negative thoughts and harmful habits and beliefs. Each environment has its own flaws and limitations when it comes to its internal architecture of beliefs and thoughts. It truly seems that society has exhausted its potential for further development!

It feels that there is no other way but find this new upper level. After delving into the myriad of works in Organizational Psychology, Evolutionary Theory, and Anthropology we arrived at a realization: what is unique about this new level of thinking is that it is not individual – it is a mutual or common conscience. Therefore, to solve any problem which is the product of this unique and novel, modern environment, we need only to rise above our SELF to discover our WE. We could not be more certain that this is precisely what Einstein was alluding to.

Basically, what we need to do is to come together and together rise above the level of the problem that we are going to solve. It feels much like Sean Connery (Mac) in Entrapment: “It’s impossible… But doable.” – and how we will discuss in our next issue.