circle 600x400This entry starts a series of Q&A posts about the Circle effect.

Why do Circles yield such a powerful effect? Why do people in the Circle collectively change? What are the roots of this phenomenon?

Circles generate what we call the inner collective or integral force. This is the manner in which nature reveals to us our next level of development – the collective. By correctly connecting, we are able to create a bond that activates a force of nature that otherwise is dormant. This force is integral, mutual – and we begin to sense it and in result we come up with wonderful solutions.

Even though there are plenty of studies devoted to this phenomenon science has not been able to explain it completely yet. But it exists and it’s working. We know that by connecting we kindle a certain force in nature. And, it is proven – we are able to awaken “the wisdom of the crowd,” the collective mind. As in any science, these discoveries are based on empirical data, which we are trying to generalize and come up with laws or guidelines of how to effectively use it.

What is this integral force? Is it a sum of intellects and feelings of the people in the Circle?

No, it is not just the sum. It is a result of all the efforts of rising above self in order to connect with others. When these tiny efforts join together then this connection forms a new level of intellect – a group intellect that is not just a summation of thoughts. We begin to feel being a part of something bigger than ourselves, and this feeling is very empowering.

The benefits of teaming have been known to humanity for millennia but the Circle methodically brings it to an entirely new level.

It is the process of everyone rising above self in order to achieve a common goal that creates a mutual space that harnesses that integral force.