vse_ravni300x200This is part five in a series of Q&A posts about the Circle effect and we are continuing discussing what people experience in the Circles.

What is the main principle for connecting people in the Circle?

The Circle is governed by three principles:

  • The opinions of others are exceptionally important to me
  • My opinion is exceptionally important to others
  • There are no contradictions between our opinions

In order to observe the first principle I need to annul myself in front of the others regardless of how important, wise or smart I may feel. I need to inspire myself to truly listen to them, respect them, and feel their opinions like they are more important than mine. At the same time, I need to rise above others to convey my opinion to them.

So, from one side, I need to be lower then other and that allows me to absorb their opinions, understand their thinking and accept their point of view. From the other side, I care about them, I feel that my opinion could be useful for them and I express it as a very important one.

In other words, there are two levels. One is where I lower myself below the group and the other one where I rise myself above the group. When someone speaks I try to annul myself and absorb and feel what they are saying. But when I speak the others do the same and thus we enable a reciprocal process of merging our opinions together and creating that integral field – that fulfills the third principle that there are no contradictions between our opinions.

To what degree does a person need to know what is happening with him in the Circle? Do we need to explain it?

Yes, to some degree people need to know how the Circle works or at least be aware of the force they are enabling. We can do this when we are introducing the rules. First, we say a few words about the nature’s force of connection, talk about the three guiding principles and then the rules flow naturally from there.

What is the main effect of the Circular workshops?

The main effect is a new mindset, the integral one. Say, a few of us united around a certain issue. Thus I no longer have an individual viewpoint but a common, integral one. That means that I was able to rise above my old self. People begin to see that they can view their environment differently. And, this is the most important part – change in positioning towards the integral approach in their environment.

Do the Circles affect people’s behavior beyond the actual discussion?

They actually do and almost immediately. People begin to relate to each other differently, in a much better way. They begin to reveal the simple law of nature, which actually bonds them together through a complex web of interconnections, like a mycelium. This system has always been there but now they begin to realize the power of it, the fulfillment that comes from the correct connection. After the Circle people begin realizing how effective interconnectedness is once they unite their aspirations into the common one.