We all want to work in organizations that give every employee an opportunity for advancement and fulfillment.

However, office life in corporate America is mostly dull, inefficient and dysfunctional. We get up in the morning full of hatred towards the coming day and come to our huge glass and steel boxes, where we spend the day being nice to people we don’t necessarily like. We communicate in an obscure language full of “going forwards” and “milestones”; we spend countless hours in meeting rooms and at our desks writing reports that may never get read. We may never speak with a person in the next cubicle but exchange hundreds of emails with him. At the end the working day, completely burnt out, we go home and still continue working on our laptops and smartphones.

In an organization with an integral environment we don’t come to work, we come to a place of our development and fulfillment. Why? Because the integral mindset brings us to realization that our advancement enriches our environment and, reciprocally our environment elevates us to the higher level.  All the time we feel never-ending rejuvenation – the feeling we had when we were kids.

Remember how we used to jump out from the bed in the morning? The sun is out and in a spur of the moment we were running outside… “Where are my friends? Where are my toys?

We can restore the same feeling today by creating an integral environment in our workplace.  We won’t feel any pressure to get up, go to work and spend a fulfilling day there if we will have people around us who share the same values of care, integrity and respect. All the obstacles will be met by a united collective of like-minded people and we’ll go through them with ease and gratification. Everything depends on the environment that surrounds us.

The feeling of a friendly playground is very important. Everyone in the organization should feel their workplace as a playground. Whether it’s a CEO or a field worker – they should come to work as a kid who joyfully came out to play with friends.

What is so special about the playground? – It is a place for connection with others. It’s a place where we advance and get fulfillment.

Let’s remember some games we used to play in our childhood. From the side, these games may not have seemed easy: we exerted efforts, we ran, jumped, climbed somewhere – basically we were doing some kind of a “job.” But we didn’t see work in it, we saw challenges, we felt pleasure. Sometimes we played against each other but we always had a common goal – play together.

So, why such efforts felt like a game and brought us pleasure? Why didn’t we feel that it was hard work? What’s the difference?

It all depends on how we look at it and on relationships between people. We either exist in the bad environment where we are “jailed” and everyone is stressed, or we build a friendly environment that helps and supports us and where we feel joy, common pleasure and security.