balance natureAn integral approach in business planning and organizational development has existed for quite some time. It is the most natural approach that we learn from nature. Sadly enough, it took us plenty of time and exertion to understand that if we as humanity want to succeed in anything we just need to take example from nature.

Everything in nature has always been integral – all the nature elements exist in mutual connection and depend on each other. No one consciously harms the other. Different ecospheres and different animals use each other to survive, procreate and develop. Nature existed in the state of perfect balance for hundreds of thousands of years until human interference.

Interestingly enough that people often mistakenly think that nature may be cruel and evil but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Multiple scientific studies that looked deep into all aspects of nature revealed wonderful organization and magnificent interaction.

Different nature’s creations relate to each other with “understanding.” Even if one creature preys on another both of them are “aware” of the situation. Simply speaking, nature is an all-inclusive system that constantly completes and balances itself.

Over millennia of our development we haven’t noticed it because we looked at nature through a prism of our narrow self-centric upbringing. For example, we thought that the relationships between wolves in the pack are strenuous and this notion found a lot of references in fiction and non-fiction literature. However, scientific studies of wolves’ packs showed that there is complete harmony, unity, natural distribution of duties and a common care about every member of the pack. We could only wish we, humans, would live according to the same principals.

Segueing to organizational development. We can and must mimic nature designing our organizations. By now, we have learned that we are an integral part of nature and only our hyper developed egos block us from creating harmonious and balanced environment in our organizations. And, here the only solution is the integral approach that studies nature and enables us to continue our development as Humans, the highest form of life in our universe.