group communicationEffective communication is the key element that allows teams to achieve their purpose —understanding and mastering communication skills is essential for every member of any team. Without the kind of communication that gives power to connection, a team will not be able to function. It is the foundation of successful relationships in both personal and professional realms.

To begin, to collaborate effectively, people must be able to lucidly exchange their ideas, convey their concepts and grasp the ideas of others.  If team members do not have a clear communication channel, tasks will not be completed, people will be confused and team goals will not be fulfilled. To achieve common solutions, everyone must be able to contribute their thoughts and ideas with clarity.

Members of any group or team need to possess and continue to build good communication skills within the context of their roles and tasks in the team. Existing and emerging leaders in the group must be able to impart objectives and tasks to other members; they should not assume their group members know exactly what must be accomplished. Thus, the ability to communicate effectively is the key to getting along and mitigating irritation or misunderstanding in any interaction.

To be effective, communications must be clear and concise to prevent misinterpretation and allow a team to bring its work to fruition. Clarity enables people to convey ideas intelligibly and makes it easier to obtain constructive feedback for refining and perfecting ideas. During brainstorming, everyone’s input is of utmost importance. Therefore everyone should be able to fully comprehend each idea and give constructive feedback as part of the refining process. Obviously without appropriate communication skills, people cannot come to consensus: they will walk in the dark thinking about their own ideas or solutions, leaving the team in disarray.

The ability to communicate is a critical skill to possess for success and wellbeing in the various areas of work, community, families and friendships that make up our lives. You may even say that effective communication which leads to true connection is the essence of a happy life.