21st century has granted us tremendous technological progress and it has drastically changed our world. However, with all of its wonderful benefits it also brings us a whole slew of brand new risks, the most dangerous of which is cyber security. Cyber risk is everywhere…

Cyber security industry is hot and it’s on everyone’s radar. Yet despite the intense focus on cybersecurity, all the money, software and hardware in the world are not able to ward off cyber threats alone. Cyber security is not just a piece of technology. At its core, it is a human endeavor. Education, cyber hygiene and organizational development are at least as integral to cyber security as its technology and processes.

In the world of business, we are now beginning to understand the importance of the environment and how connected culture is determining the success of a company, team, and individual. Business leaders must create a harmonious and balanced environment where effective cyber security and technology use policies should organically fit the business processes of the organization, striking a balance between usability and security as well as taking user input into consideration before adoption and implementation.

The correct environment where users understand the appropriate and safe way to use technology and why it matters will help nurture a collaborative cyber-aware culture where all users become part of the security team. This will fortify an environment where everyone acts with security in mind and is motivated to share information when they face challenges.

Such a cyber-aware organizational culture creates kind of “human-based firewall” that brings cyber security out of the IT closets and into the minds of every user.