Meet our team of “Connect & Thrive” fellows, not a conventional company’s roster but a properly organized model based on the integral method - an adept, caring team of professionals who recognize the value and benefits of each sharing their unique qualities, function as a reciprocal whole, and put into practice the Integral Approach in order to enable greatness in your people and elevate your organization to the next level.

Gene Shklover, PhD

Gene has about 25 years of proven experience in building and empowering organizations to sustainably deliver practical results by synergizing individuals & teams around the common purpose and by cultivating agile & thriving cultures. As a scientist, entrepreneur and spiritual explorer, he leverages an extensive and deep background in science, business and human dynamics and a genuine desire to help organizations to uncover their innate potential and elevate their performance to the next level. [more…]

Sarah Gluck

Sarah has dedicated her 15 year career to designing/organizing and building healthy environments which foster increased productivity, efficiency, and joy. Having learned from her experience and passion for helping individuals create the correct internal environment for healing and rehabilitation post-trauma, as well as being a pioneer in the field of health and active design, Sarah brings her expertise into the workplace. Committed to promoting change and increased happiness by helping businesses and organizations create, develop and sustain healthy environments, [more…]

Lio Spiegler

Lio has almost two decades of experience in the branding and advertising industries. He moved to NY from Israel in 2000 and has since helped Fortune 500 companies as well as boutique clients articulate and communicate their brands in the changing marketplace to playfully, yet productively, engage audiences in a meaningful way. Lio’s research into the effects of mass communications has led him to the study of network science and the Integral Method, which focuses on human relationship as the cause of, and the solution to, all the ills of the modern work environment. [more…]

Juan Rico

Juan Rico has over 10 years of inspiring others to expand upon their unique qualities, encouraging self-discovery, and effectively directing others toward opportunities for beneficial change and growth. His keen sense of the human condition and years of experience has equipped him with the tools necessary to sense the limiting gaps between people and any environment, and in this, facilitate self-assessment, personal and group development, and effective connections between people. His position with Thinking Integral encapsulates these and many more of his innate abilities. [more…]

jenny 300x300

Jenny DeRosia

Jenny is an accomplished Educator with more than 15 years of comprehensive experiences in the group development field. She is recognized for ability to encouraging others to expand and grow, in facilitating in others their own self-assessment and personal development. She is recognized for her success to effectively lead, communicate with, and lecture others due to her vast hands-on skills which provide her with the educational edge to understand how people learn; her ability to sense the states, needs, and challenges of others makes her an expert at people development and integration. [more…]


Marivergi Fernandes

Marivergi has over 15 years of comprehensive experience in different organizations with people from various countries and traditions in a culturally and socially diverse environment. Always striving for unity and focusing on tangible results, she has been successfully promoting cultural and social innovation and development of collaborative teams. Through her vast experience as a consultant and as a manager of senior leadership teams she learned the essential necessity of restoring enthusiasm, happiness, appreciation of human relationships, and the connection between people that is key to high performance. [more…]


Alex Angelov, MD

Alex has about three decades of proven experience bringing people back to healthy and balanced lifestyle. Receiving his medical degree in one of the most prestigious medical schools and then diving in the realm of holistic medicine allowed him to craft a very unique integrative approach that he has been practicing for last 10 years. [more…]