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Jenny DeRosia

Jenny is an accomplished Educator with more than 15 years of comprehensive experiences in the education field. She is recognized for ability to encouraging others to expand and grow, in facilitating in others their own self-assessment and personal development. She is recognized for her success to effectively lead, communicate with, and lecture others due to her vast hands-on skills which provide her with the educational edge to understand how people learn; her ability to sense the states, needs, and challenges of others makes her an expert at people development and integration.

Through writing, public onsite and virtual presentations, collaborative games, and scientifically researched tools, Jenny successfully engages her audiences as she leads them to successfully recognize their strengths and skewed perceptions, thus leading them to overcome barriers separating them from connecting with others and recognizing their potential through this.

Her broad experiences obtained through interacting at a variety of levels in the education environment, throughout many locations within the US and abroad, have established within her a deep understanding of human behavior. This has offered her additional opportunities to incorporate her sense of sensitivity; she is able to quickly influence a friendly, comfortable feeling with others, and develop a positive rapport at the onset. Her success in working with Thinking Integral is related to these unique and innate skills.

Because of her true desire to instill in others the reciprocal benefits in creating an environment of mutual care and concern for others, she is recognized for her five year, ongoing commitment as a volunteer editor for a non-profit organization, volunteer time with Hope Hospice, volunteer presenter for philanthropy projects at the National Service Learning Conference 2003, State Service Learning Institute, Central Michigan University 2002, and volunteer technology presenter for Michigan Association of Computer Users (MACUL) 2001-2003, Ameritech Technology Association, and Integral Education International Virtual Blackboard presentation.

Jenny holds a B.A. in Education, endorsement for the education of gifted, Highly Qualified Educator status, named on the Dean’s List of Scholars and recipient of Honors Student Grant From University of South Florida