Juan Rico

Juan Rico

Juan Rico has over 10 years of inspiring others to expand upon their unique qualities, encouraging self-discovery, and effectively directing others toward opportunities for beneficial change and growth.  His keen sense of the human condition and years of experience has equipped him with the tools necessary to sense the limiting gaps between people and any environment, and in this, facilitate self-assessment, personal and group development, and effective connections between people. His position with Thinking Integral encapsulates these and many more of his innate abilities.

His experiences as a systems analyst, business manager, and creative director, has influenced his mastery of the elements necessary for evaluating and developing efficient interfaces, effective communications which foster unique connections to his clients’ needs, and the attainment of far reaching goals. His success is maximized by his focus on an integrated approach of mutual reciprocity.

Juan also incorporates his exceptional success as a tri-lingual technical translator to effectively break down barriers influencing successful communication, and positive personal relations. His keen perception and patience assists in harmoniously bridging together the space between otherwise dissimilar people or conflicting situations. This skill is tantamount to the success reflected in those with which he associates, works with and lectures.

Often sought out for encouragement and support, Juan recognizes the importance of concern for others and fostering an environment for positive social interaction. He truly loves seeing the joy in others as he incorporates a game like atmosphere in all of the Thinking Integral program sessions.

Juan holds a Degree in Business Administration, an Interactive Web & Graphic Artist Degree, is currently pursuing a Degree in Business Information Management and is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.