Marivergi Fernandes

Marivergi has over 15 years of comprehensive experience in different organizations with people from various countries and traditions in a culturally and socially diverse environment. Always striving for unity and focusing on tangible results, she has been successfully promoting cultural and social innovation and development of collaborative teams.

Through her vast experience as a consultant and as a manager of senior leadership teams she learned the essential necessity of restoring enthusiasm, happiness, appreciation of human relationships, and the connection between people that is key to high performance.

Marivergi has a natural talent to help people to find solutions bringing them through agile and creative experiences and to instill an environment for prosperity and harmony in organizations. Her expertise in group dynamics for all levels in organizations enabled her to create environmental shifts that transform lives.

She is also a keynote speaker often sought out for assisting companies in understanding the developmental needs of each person, performing workshops and equipping companies with the tools needed to enhance their culture.

Marivergi holds a Master Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor Degree in Law. She has also completed a number of postgraduate studies in Marketing and the International Business program at the Rothman School of Management.