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“We are a global strategic corporate consultancy specializing in brand enhancement, marketing communications, organizational effectiveness and sustainable environments.”

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“We help companies create exceptional workplace culture that makes people and business thrive.”

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“Unique remote management and HR courses – our methodology is built to serve your needs”.


“Introducing the Integral Agile methodology that naturally blends much-needed human element with Scrum’s powerful set of principles and practices.”


“We are an International association of researchers, business coaches and managers focused on building integral teams.”

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“We are focused on promotion of social innovation, interdisciplinary dialogue around relevant global subjects and implemenation of integral methods of education and collaboration.”


We are devoted to fostering wellness and increasing happiness by helping businesses and organizations create, develop and sustain healthy environments.”


The Kogan Family – a new breed of relationship improvement consultancy with a mission of helping individuals and families to improve their connection to the next level.”