Roundtables in the hallIntegral Agile Approach: The Circles

We place great importance on enhancing any environment, whether personal or in the workplace where we spend so much time. Our research based program transforms the environment in any organization from the competitive and superficial, which hinders progress, to the profound and meaningful where each individual discovers how to be in harmony with the whole. Whether coaching top management or a specific department in this approach, the result is that the group becomes happier, more engaged, and more motivated – they innovate more effectively, give better customer service, play more effective roles in teams, and make better leaders! The “Circles Integral Approach” is based on scientific research, found in nature, and once experienced, will positively influence relations in all areas of work and personal life.

The “Integral Training Circles” borrows from the best of positive psychology, neuroscience, organizational psychology, and gamification theory to take participants through an experiential transformative process. An integral Circle is made up of equals. Now recognized by scientists as the leading reason for organizational success, any inequality nullifies the possibility to tap into the wisdom of the crowd; therefore, we miss the unique and diverse thinking evident in all of the parts. In essence, the entire work of the Circle is to squash imbalanced rational to create a common field of openness, sharing, and a feeling of safety where individuals merge their greatest gifts together for the benefit of the Circle, the center; whereby they function collectively to foster a collaborative playing field aimed at thinking, learning, and functioning in a cooperative, cohesive whole.

This integral process incorporates a Circular methodology where participants journey together from the space of an individual into a space of the collective.  This method also incorporates the newest findings in positive psychology and happiness science. Research shows that happy workers:

  • Stay twice as long in their jobs as their least happy colleagues
  • Spend double their time at work focused on what they are paid to do
  • Take ten times less sick leave
  • Believe they are achieving their potential twice as much
  • And the “science of happiness at work” has big benefits for individuals too. If you’re really happy at work, you’ll solve problems faster and be more creative

Using this Circular method a specific set of scientifically based guidelines are utilized, which set the stage for a group of individuals to experience the benefits of nullifying the self in order to sense the space in the center of the group, so that one’s natural personality trait becomes an attribute for the whole instead a block between others. There develops a sudden ability to experience a flow of ideas, where all participants embrace each other’s elements of expertise, thus seeing beyond their otherwise old habits of immediate negative reactions, which may have limited productive collaboration in the past. The ability to beneficially hear and accept the opinions of all others in the circle emerges as the new venue.  Gone is the negative impact of strife, which is often experienced but unrecognized by individuals as it prevents teamwork and collaboration at the highest degrees of effectiveness to occur. Through our step by step process, individuals begin to feel that they can stand outside of themselves, enter into the collective space without boundaries, and find themselves as a part of the center of thought, the much greater whole; a whole where each person’s qualities, uniqueness, and individuality is respected, desired, and utilized to its optimal degree, since all of the parts benefit the collective goal. In this space, participants also experience an increased state of happiness and wellbeing which influences greater creativity, sensitivity to the environment and shared common goals. They find a greater interest and renewed engagement in their work and increased abilities to achieve at greater heights. This collaborative wisdom can only be achieved within the group, the circle; the wisdom of the crowd.

“The Wisdom of the Crowd,” a natural human process, while discovered in 1906 by Sir Francis Galton, has received more widespread notoriety in recent years with social media and its discovered benefits for crowdsourcing and organizational implementation. By creating a culture of collective intelligence and problem-solving, organizations and individuals can best tap into this collective wisdom for greater results of creativity and innovation whereby enabling companies to stay ahead of the common curve. In other words, by replacing a company’s internal competitive culture with a collaborative one, businesses are best equipped to maintain the competitive edge necessary in today’s marketplace.

In the world of business, we now understand the importance of the environment and culture as to what will determine the success of a company, team, and individual.  Our method primarily deals with creating this space in order to foster the mutually designed action, which needs to take place to guarantee successful outcomes.  Because this space is so necessary to create but is in many ways above the general old school way of thinking in many business environments, a scientific set of rules have been established to allow this space to flourish. If the environment is aligned with these basic scientific laws, a genuine culture of reciprocity will form and will reach farther into the personal lives of those participating. It is this space of reciprocity, which fosters the necessary elements for individuals and teams to thrive in today’s ever-increasingly interconnected, global workplace. A culture of mutual reciprocity, of equality breeds collaboration on all levels of learning and operations, and this new environment, this new “space” allows for the attainment of what is understood as the greatest asset of any functioning group of diverse individuals, the wisdom of the crowd.

It is this circular space between participants that can be transformed into a new context; an environment of integral thinking, learning, and wisdom will emerge to capture “The Wisdom of the Crowd.”

The space between us is the sacred space of a thriving organizational culture in today’s ever-growing interconnected world. The space of the individual of the past century now gives way to the circular space of integral thinking and creativity necessary in today’s work culture and personal environments. This space encapsulates the many dimensions of our individual lives and until now, this rich, diverse, and valuable space between us has been ignored of it’s potential to positively impact our relationships, emotions, and ways of knowing.

Whether small groups, community, institutional, business, or societal, the Circles Integral Approach will influence positive, beneficial transformation, and we will enjoy sharing the experience of our approach.