When Fear Freezes Over

When starting your business, you were buoyed enough by your successes and tantalized enough by your future to overcome your fear.  Being outside your fear, you were able to stay in the creative light and keep innovating.  What about your employees?

In the current economic environment, fear of the business not growing and being profitable is tangible.  And, it is inhibiting.  You stand to “lose your shirt” and your employees, their paychecks and stable employment. Writing in Entrepreneur, Barbara Fredrickson, professor of psychology at UNC Chapel Hill and author of “Positivity,” describes the effect of fear as this:  “Negative emotions undermine the brain’s capacity to think broadly and find creative solutions. The vise grip of fear and stress and the emotions they generate–anger, blame, panic, resentment, shame–limit thought to a narrow field that obscures options. In a work environment, negativity causes teams to lose flexibility and the ability to be curious.”  Guiding your employees through their fear enables them to visualize a wide range of options to solve challenges at the company.  According to Fredrickson, “Positive emotions expand awareness and attention when you’re able to take in more information, .. you’re able to connect the dots to the bigger picture.” […]

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Conscious Communication Creates Energetic Interaction

How does your enterprise communicate? While developing your business and branding you have undoubtedly spent days or weeks, and a lot of time and money answering this question. Entrepreneurship is more about building a business than implementing an idea. It is more about the connection a leader builds between his team and his customers.

By choosing the markets in which to launch your business, choosing the social media platforms to interact with your clients, even choosing the colors of your graphic designs, you consciously create the interaction between your business and your customers. But how much time have you spent consciously creating the interaction with the people who will help create lasting success? […]

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Where Good Ideas Come From…

Here is another wonderful clip from my favorite RSA showing a strong correlation of innovation and environment.

Want to ignite innovation? – Just build the right environment

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Going Against the Grain

Earlier this week I had a chance to be a part of the first gathering of a new meetup in NYC called “The People Side” that is focused on the people side of startups – Very much needed undertaking and I support it wholeheartedly.

This meetup presented “Going Against the Grain” with SumAll CEO, Dane Atkinson.  SumAll, a forward-thinking and socially conscious company is constantly doing things differently, especially on the people side. Dane shared with us how they came up with and implemented unorthodox strategies like full transparency and shared decision making, open salaries and open cap tables, teams without bosses, original hiring practices and many more. […]

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The Surprising Truth about Motivation

An another very entertaining clip by RSA Animate. I highly recommend a book by Daniel H. Pink, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.

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The Secrets to Being Happy at Work

Corporate Culture FitThe Integral Body & Thinking Integral Group cordially invite you to join us for a FREE intro workshop "The Secrets to Being Happy at Work" on Dec 4, 2014 at 6:30PM.  We all want to enjoy our jobs but why many of us are pretty unhappy being at work and don't really see much of advancement in their careers? Let's not waste our lives, life is too short to be unhappy - We invite you to take on a journey to greater job satisfaction and advancement in your career. We are anxious to see you and to share quite a few Secrets to Being Happy at Work. Space is limited, RSVP at NOW!

Thinking Integral & Scrum Mastering Join Forces to Create Integral Agile

June 9, 2014

Scrum Mastering and Thinking Integral Group have joined forces and created a unique agile framework that combines the latest achievements in Organizational Psychology with the famous Scrum methodology. The Integral Agile methodology naturally blends much-needed human element with Scrum’s powerful set of principles and practices. Adding human connection, the key component affecting team’s performance, enables organizations to create an agile, collaborative and connected culture that brings Scrum to its ultimate level of implement.  

Thinking Integral to Present at IBM Innovate 2014

May 2, 2014

We are pleased to announce that Thinking Integral Group was chosen to present at INNOVATE 2014 - The IBM Technical Summit on June 5, 2014. We will run a special session

"Integral Agile: Addressing the Human Issues In Regard to Full-Scale Deployment Automation."

In businesses of all sizes, communication is a vital factor in achieving success on every level. Communication barriers persist throughout the business world amongst employees and in conjunction with potential customers and clientele, by cause of basic concepts such as tone of voice, body language and simple misunderstandings. Accumulation of conflicts in a workplace result in damaging consequences which consume and deplete a business both internally and externally. Join this session to learn how many organizations have created an open, collaborative culture, particularly when adopting tools that change the working life of employees, and the benefits they have realized from doing so.