The Challenge

conflicts resolution

Workplace conflict is inevitable and unavoidable. When conflict is destructive it may be costly to creativity, production, recruiting, retention, and the ROI. A different paradigm shows the way to transform conflict into profit. When leaders can use conflict to develop their teams, they unleash a new energy, confidence, and spirit. This energy is a competitive advantage that few organizations can effectively harness. Those that are successful see huge returns to the bottom line.

The Answer

Our integral approach opens a new world of possibilities for using conflicts and using them to create stronger teams, increase productivity, unleash creativity, and ultimately increase profits or organizational effectiveness. This approach differs from other methods as it presents a completely new way of resolving conflicts – at a level higher than the conflict itself. As Albert Einstein so eloquently put it: “The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.”

The Benefits

Expect to see the alignment and unification of all employees toward a coherent, rational and integral environment reflective of today’s new business reality. Improved communication and collaboration through greater understanding and appreciation of others contribute to increase in productivity and efficiency.

Our services can be structured to include workshops to better understand the use of strategies including building consensus, negotiating, and collaborative problem solving.

Delivery Options

This multi-session program will uncover a whole world of unrealized potential within your organization.

An introductory session where your team or organization experiences sensation of greater workplace coherence.

Whatever your needs are, we have a suitable option for your organization.