The Challenge


In today’s fast-paced, competitive marketplace, many organizations have scaled back on employee training and education, and in some cases, even put a hold on all training. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done. You feel you can’t afford people to go to training as there is “no time” but at the same time you also can’t disregard the need for training, development and improvement of your most valuable assets…your people.

The Answer

However, one of the creative ways you can still provide development of your employees is through “Lunch and Learns” – informal learning sessions can be offered to educate and inspire employees, to connect and discuss organization issues or initiatives, to enable bonding experience, to create awareness about various departments and so on. By creating a special shared ambience and focusing the topics on different aspects of your internal organization, you can enable your people to acquire new skills and increase their engagement in a variety of areas of importance in today’s workplace to ensure success.

Sample of topics for lunch & learns that solidify bonding and connection between people:

  • Creating a Positive Workplace Culture
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Enabling Collective Intelligence
  • Happiness at Workplace
  • Integral Approach to Succeed
  • Dealing with Challenging People and Situations

The Benefits

“Lunch and Learns” provide the opportunity to deliver a cost effective solution in an informal setting. Expect numerous “Lunch and Learns” benefits like:

  • Raising employee morale & performance
  • Creating a learning culture within an organization
  • Reinforcing the corporate culture
  • Improving organization communication
  • Creating awareness about different departments, issues, initiatives, projects, etc.
  • Complimenting training and development program
  • Low cost
  • No loss of work time

and many others

Delivery Options

Typically “Lunch and Learn” is scheduled over employees’ lunch hour. Employees bring their own lunches and eat during an informal training session. You need to arrange a suitable location – a conference or meeting room, easily accessible and away from interruptions, noise and distractions. You could make it a special event and encourage employees to attend by providing lunch.