The Challenge


Many managers spend 50% or more of their time in meetings. While some meetings are productive, the vast majority of them are poorly planned, unfocused and a considerable waste of resources. The same is often the case for the Board meetings that are turned into a boring gathering dominated by a few grand-standers who completely derail the meeting.

The Answer

Applying the Thinking Integral Circle methodology elevates efficiency of the meeting process into another realm. Whether it’s a project discussion or a brainstorming session our technique puts participants into the collective intelligence mode enabling them to really put their talents to work and come up with the best possible solution.

The Benefits

Expect to see your meetings and events deliver outstanding results by maximizing the creativity, decision-making abilities and synergies that exist in a group setting. That in turn triggers a host of practical results that positively affect the bottom line.

Delivery Options

This multi-session program will uncover a whole world of unrealized potential within your organization.

An introductory session where your team or organization experiences sensation of greater workplace coherence.

Whatever your needs are, we have a suitable option for your organization.