Calculate your ROI if you invest in a “Connect & Thrive” program by Thinking Integral

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Engaged, happier employees are significantly more productive.
Engaged, happier employees are more loyal and less likely to leave your company
Engaged, happier employees are healthier people and less likely to get sick
Helping your employees become more happier and engaged could benefit you annualy at least
“Connect & Thrive” Program Cost


– Number of working days per year240
– Average turnover rate (Compensation Force, 2013)15.10 %
– Enterprises with highly engaged and happy employees report increase in productivity of 30 to 40% (Gallup, Hay Group). For the purpose of this calculation we chose a very conservative productivity increase of 5%. 5 %
– According to Hoovers average productivity of American workers ranges from $100,000/yr for small enterprises to $300,000/yr for Fortune 500 companies.
For the purpose of this calculation we chose the low end of this range – $100,000/yr
– Average cost of replacing an employee (Center for American Progress)20 %
– Highly engaged and happy organizations enjoy at least 50% decrease in turnover rates (Gallup)50 %
– According to Forbes research, happy employees 66% less likely to take sick leave.66 %
– U.S. workers take on average 10 sick days a year (U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality).10
– Cost of training per person700
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