The Challenge

According to the massive body of contemporary studies, hundreds of millions of people in the developed world are unhappy, lonely and unable to cope with overwhelming changes in the workplace, relationships and family life. But how we can be happy? Over 55,000,000 people search for the answer to this question every month. Some are searching for a way to make their relationships better, to improve their health or find more satisfaction in their career. But we are all searching for something and hundreds of courses and self-help books later, can still cannot put our finger on what that elusive thing is.

The Answer

Over the last 30 years scientists have made some huge breakthroughs in understanding what makes us happy and how we can improve our internal well being. Join us in this Applied Happiness Course, where together we will embark on an exciting journey to discover how to sustain a feeling of lasting happiness. We will start by exploring the science of happiness and the exciting advances in positive psychology that will help us better understand the mechanics of our happiness.

The Benefits

You will receive new tools learned from the most recent and advanced scientific research on how to accomplish the desired effects for long-lasting happiness. Among the most effective tools used are playful connection games, collaborative workshops and lively Q&A’s. Practical assignments will be given for you to work with from session to session, enabling you to measure your progress and learn from the collective experience.